2010 is the year where we finally have a triathlon event in Wollongong! The stunning harbour precinct and blue mile of Wollongong City are set to come alive this December with a festival of fitness, health and family fun that offers everyone the chance to “have a go” or come along and enjoy the colour and spectacle of the sport of triathlon.

RMB lawyers have organised a festival that offer races for all ages and abilities. There’s the usual enticer and sprint events and also the Shimano Pro Tour. On top of that there’s is also the diggies ocean swim.

The Diggies ocean swim kicks off on 4th December 2010 and offers a 500m and a 1km swim experience. The entry fees are $20 and $25 respectively if registered before 2nd December. You also get a T-shirt, which is by order only. Find out more about the Diggies Ocean Swim.

All other events are on 5th December 2010. Enticer entry fees range from $50 to $70 depending on how early you register and Sprint fees range from $70 to $110. The Enticer consist of a 300m swim, 8km bike ride and 2km run, and the Sprint consist of a 750m swim, 20km bike ride and 5km run.

Below are the course maps for both the Enticer and Sprint events. The bike sections are on the Wollongong bike path which are marked at 500m, making it easy to gauge your distance. If you’re not sure where the 500m makers are, take a look at the Wollongong Bike Track. The runs for the enticer are also along or close to the bike track and the sprint goes through Stuart Park.

The Wollongong triathlon festival looks set to be a great event. Sign up and be a part of it! Find out more at the Elite Energy website.

Enticer Route

Sprint Route

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