Wollongong Fitness is a fitness resource for exercise enthusiasts and those wanting to get into exercise, with a particular focus in the Illawarra region. The journey towards a better you!

Below are some of the resources you can expect to find on Wollongong Fitness.

  • Information on Fitness Events
    • Races
    • Demo Days
    • Charity Events
  • Training Techniques and Recovery Tips
  • Training and Event Day Stories
  • And many more…

How it all began

Wollongong Fitness is started by a group of exercise enthusisasts who meet regular (3 – 4 times a week) for morning runs. It started out as a way to keep fit, meeting at North Beach or Belmore at 7am to get a run in before work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our running routine consisted of a mixture of easy runs, fartlek, interval training and long distance runs. At some point we decided to sign up for the Blackmores Bridge Run (a 9km run) as a goal to train towards. After the Bridge Run, we decided to train for a half marathon and added a long run into our training session on Saturday morning. (Thirroul to Sea Cliff Bridge and Back). After a few half marathons, we progressed to marathons, then tri-athlons. During our runs we would discuss among other things, training techniques, recovery tips, exercise nutrition or what the next exciting race event is. At some point we thought it would be good if we could have all these information easily accessible online so that we can share them with everyone; and that was how Wollongong Fitness began…


Meet the Team

Edwin Kwan


Edwin Kwan is the Webmaster for the Wollongong Fitness website. He has a certificate III in fitness and has done numerous half marathons including a marathon and triathlon. He also has a keen interest in Photography and is a webmaster for Little Handy Tips

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