Seas were calm today so it was great conditions for diving at Kiama. Entry is from the right of the rock pool where you can find a nice spot to put fins on and do a giant stride into the water. I haven’t dived here in years and unfortunately there’s no GPS data for my dives, but I reckon we headed north following, keeping the rocks to the left. There was a cave where we saw a wobbegong shark chilling. We then dropped into a gutter that I think headed right and followed it for a while. There were lots of rays, stingrays, numb ray and fiddler rays. There was also a feisty moray eel that swarm out of its hole and towards me when i tried to get close to take a photo. Max depth was under 15m.

Kiama Rock Pool
Numb Ray
Fiddler Ray

Wobbegong Shark

Moray Eel
Dive Profile

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