An easy grade walk that’s just a few minutes south of Robertson (Turn off at the Robertson Pie Shop)

If you are looking for spectacular waterfall views which have easy access, then the Carrington Falls Loop Track is for you. It’s a 570m walking track which is fully paved and an easy walk to get to. The views are also breathtakingly amazing!

I decided to visit this as both Fitzroy Falls and Morton National Park were closed due to track repairs and bush fire damage. What a gem of a find!

Above showed the GPS track that I took, there was a few backtrack to get more photos and also did a little exploring at Kangaroo river. The elevation graph below shows that it’s a relatively flat walk, with a few stairs that are indicated by the “steep” descend/ascent on the graph.

There’s also a picnic area and toilet (with running water) at the start of the track, making it a good spot for a lunch break.

The above picture is of kangaroo river. The area had a bit of rainfall in the previous days so I imagine that water levels are higher than usual.

Edwin Kwan


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