Wii 7 in 1 Fitness

Fitness of a different kind, for all you Wii Lovers out there, there’s the wii 7 in 1 Fitness Bundle for the Wii Fit.

Might not be a bad alternative given the cold winter weather.

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  • Power Fit – Compatible with Wii Balance Board, powers your Wii Balance Board by USB and has a 12 foot cable for versatility
  • 2 Wristbands & 1 Headband – High absorbency bands with embroidered logos
  • Remote Holsters – Convenient holsters easily clip to pants, shorts or belt. High quality materials ensure long life and dependability
  • One Size Fits all Textured Foot Socks – Increase comfort and prevent slipping
  • Jeli Sleeve – Protects the Wii Balance Board from dirt and scratches. Rubberized, textured surface prevents slipping and adds traction for balance
  • Fitness Mat – 3 Layered design ensures softness and durability. Also works as a Yoga or Pilates style exercise mat
  • High Quality durable nylon Travel Bag – Protects the Balance Board from dirt and scratches

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