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Guide to a Fitter You

Sydney Morning Herald Coles Classic Swim 2011

Posted on Jan 11, 2011 in Events

Dive into Australia’s largest ocean swim and secure your spot for Sunday, February 6, 2011.
Take up the challenge to battle the sea and join thousands of swimmers as they gather at Manly to compete in the 28th annual Sydney Morning Herald Cole Classic.
Both the 1km and 2km swims will start from Shelly and finish at Manly Beach (subject to conditions) with all finishers receiving a commemorative medal and category winners and place getters awarded the famous Cole plates.

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Australia Day Aquathon 2011

Posted on Nov 28, 2010 in Events, Running, Wollongong

It’s time to once again don the swimmer and joggers, rally friends, family and work mates and take on the fun and unique way to celebrate Australia Day in 2011. The 2010 event was a sensation and the Wollongong Australia Day Aquathon is the largest swim run participation event in Australia.. Set to take place in the beautiful City of Wollongong, the 2011 event looks to be a fantastic event!

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Swim for Fitness Benefits

Posted on Feb 24, 2009 in Articles, Wollongong

Swimming is not only fun but is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Swimming is easy and can be carried out by any age group. Swimming is beneficial for the whole body. It ensures that your body stays healthy and fit. There are many benefits of swimming. It provides benefits to not only the body but also allows you to live a healthy life. With swimming regularly you will feel yourself to be fit physically as well as leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Beginner’s Training Guide For a Sprint Triathlon

Posted on Feb 22, 2009 in Articles, Events, Running, Training

The world of triathlon competition can be pretty overwhelming for anybody, especially for those brand new to the sport. There’s so much to learn, so much to do, so much to buy, but don’t let that deter you from becoming part of this great lifestyle. Cardiovascular sports have many health benefits, including fat loss, an increase in energy levels, a lean, muscular physique, and a better sense of self. Just for those reasons alone, you shouldn’t let anything keep you back from training for and competing in a triathlon.

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Susie’s Sydney to Wollongong Swim Appeal

Posted on Feb 19, 2009 in News, Wollongong

Susie is returning to the water to swim from Sydney to Wollongong, a challenge set to raise money for the victims of the devastating Victorian bushfires .

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