Susie, a marathon swimmer, is planning to do a swim from Sydney to Wollongong to help raise money for the victims of the devastating Victorian bushfires. The swim will take 3 days where she will swim for a few hours each day and participate in fund raising events when she is out of the water. Also with the recent number of shark attacks reported in the newspaper, she’ll be doing her swim in a shark cage.

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18 Feb 09 16:35 PM
Posted by Susie for Red Cross

Susie captured the world’s attention in June 1999, when she completed the world’s longest open water swim, from Mexico to Cuba, swimming almost 200 kilometres over 38 hours; the marine equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. This feat was achieved a little over a year after she undertook the world’s first swim from Cuba to Florida, a distance of 180 kilometres, following her non-stop swim from Cuba to US Territorial Waters in 1996.

With sheer determination and grueling hard work, Susie has made a huge impact on world swimming with her long list of World Records and endurance feats.

Susie is returning to the water to swim from Sydney to Wollongong, a challenge set to raise money for the victims of the devastating Victorian bushfires .

The swim is expected to take 3 days, Susie will swim for a few hours each day in a shark cage. Other swimmers will join her as a tag team in support of her campaign.

From Kevin Rudd:
“All Australians have been touched by the devastation and tragedy that has unfolded in Victoria. Susie, I wish you all the very best for the swim. Every dollar that you raise is going to help the good people of Victoria.”

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