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Staying fit is important to all of us, not just for activities like running or cycling but also for the many other activities we do in our daily lives. Some of these activities may include running, joining marathons, playing with our children or just going for a daily walk. Staying fit is also important for our physical appearance. Physical fitness has become very important in today’s world, with many people having membership to physical fitness gyms or working out on a daily basis.

Even though we’ve all been running since we were young children, our bodies are not in the same shape as they were when we were young and need warm up stretches before we begin running to avoid becoming sore or ridden with injuries. If you’re a runner or enjoy running, there’s a very simple stretch to help get your body in shape for running. This exercise, which is called the “runner’s lunge” will help to improve your balance as well as loosen up your tight hamstrings. This exercise is also great for cyclists as well. While on your hands and knees, put your left foot between your hands and bend forward with your knee over your ankle. Shift the weight onto your right knee and at the same time, extend your left leg and straighten it until you feel your left hamstring stretching. Hold this position for up to 10 seconds as you bend gently towards the left knee.

If you’re stuck in an office position and feel you don’t get off your feet much or get an opportunity to stretch, there are simple stretches you can do without leaving your desk. Without being too conspicuous, swing your arms from side to side and then punch gently as you swing them. Another simple exercise is to hold the sides of your chair and, with the other hand, bend your hand over your head. Repeat this with the other hand and do several times a day. You can put your hands out to the side and move them ten times in a circular motion. Switch directions and do it again around ten times. Hold one arm across your body and, with your other hand; push your elbow into your chest. Do this with the other arm as well. You’ll really feel the muscles being relaxed in your body.

You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you’ll feel after many of these simple stretches. If you do these on a regular basis, you’ll notice an improvement in your overall health. Most of sports injuries you see today as well as many health problems are caused by lack of flexibility in our bodies. Because of the lack of flexibility, many of these injuries take longer to heal as well.

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