Underwater Tennis

A new type of sport?

Love the Wimbledon and Scuba diving? Why not combine the two into one?

That’s what  scuba divers at the British Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks did.

The game was played among 3 meter long sharks and giant stingrays. The species of sharks included grey nurse sharks, zebra sharks and sand tiger sharks!

The tennis balls also had to be specially weighted so that it won’t float to the surface.

Unlike the Wimbledon, I can’t see scuba tennis lasting over and hour. There’s probably not too much running/fining around to hit the ball as those fins would make it hard to move. And you might need to watch your back constantly if the sharks take a keen interest in the game… or worse yet… you!

Have you done any interesting forms of sports? Let us know, we love to hear from you!

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