Running workouts are a great way to challenge your body and push it past the limits you think it has. By combining one of the best aerobic exercises with various ways of training the body during this exercise, you can increase your stamina and your endurance during the rest of your life. With these three running workouts, you don’t have to settle for being in second place.

Intervals Win The Race

Popularized by many running experts, interval running workouts allow you to slowly progress from the initial stages of running into more advanced running routines. You can begin with intervals of walking and running until you can run for an extended period or time. And then you can progress to all running with intervals of sprints or simply faster bursts of running.

Many runners like to use intervals when they are feeling tired from previous workouts or when they are beginning to feel burnt out from their training program.

What’s A Fartlek?

If you’ve ever picked up a running magazine, you’ve no doubt seen the fartlek running workouts listed in many programs. Much like interval training, these workouts push your body in intense bursts of running, but then allow the body to recuperate for long periods as well. You want to push your body harder than you might during an interval, which is what makes this workout different.

In a fartlek, you want to push your body to the 60-80% range of intensity, while the interval training simply needs to be harder than you would normally push. Fartleks should also only be done about once a week.

Running As Long As You Can

When you want to run for longer periods of time, your running workouts need to focus on the time or mileage elapsed. Each time you go out for a run, you want to run longer – simple enough. Most runners that want to work on their endurance will include one long run during each week of training to slowly increase their endurance.

These workouts should never be more than 10% more mileage than the previous week to prevent injury. When you’re ready to run, you need running workouts that will help you make the most out of each stride. And even if you never win a race, you will know you have succeeded.

Michelle Van Otten
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