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Most people in running events like 10K runs, half marathons or marathons run as either a personal challenge or for social reasons.

Ever considered running for a cause and making a difference? It’s easy and it’ll also provide an additional motivation during your training.

Most running events have a list of official charities they support so it’s easy to find one to fund raise for.

The setup process is easy and you usually will have a fund raising page created for you which you can customize and keep track of your fund raising efforts.
It’s also a great way to gain support and let everyone who’s supporting you know how you are going with your training.
Some running events even let you run for FREE if you manage to reach a certain fund raising goal. (One such event is the Sydney Running Festival in September)

So why not make a difference in your next running event and fund raise!
Not sure who to support or where to start, you can first check the event website for the next run you’re doing more information.
Or you can visit one of the following websites below for more information

Cancer Council – Challenge for cancer

Go fund raise – making a difference is easy

Can Too – non-profit program that matches fitness incentives with a good cause!

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