The Oaks Fire Trail is a great mountain biking track. It’s about 28km in distance in a single direction and is usually done from Woodford to Glenbrook.

Most people who park their vehicles at Glenbrook station and catch the train to Woodford. The train runs around once every half hour on the Sunday when we did it and the journey is about 30 minutes long.

Start of Trail at Woodford

Start of Trail at Woodford

From Woodford station, it’s a short ride to the start of the track.

The first 28km is all fire trail and mainly downhill. After that it becomes a single track but it runs parallel to a road; so those who don’t fancy the single track have the option to ride on the road instead.

Towards the end of the single track, the track has sections which are divided into either a blue and black route. The blue route is meant to be an intermediate route, while the black routes are more challenging and are for the experienced.

Its a predominately downhill route with some slight uphill sections. However once you exit the single track, is a short downhill ride on the road until a causeway. The water level wasn’t too high when we were there and we were able to cross it and stay dry, however I can imagine it being quite challenging if the water levels were any higher. After crossing the causeway, its all uphill (and quite steep too) to get out of the national park and back to the car.

Below is a photo of details about the route, taken at the Oaks.

Mountain Biking Oaks Fire Trail

And below is a Google Map of the route that we did today.

And lastly, below is the stats of today’s ride.

Mountain Biking at Oaks Fire Trail Stats

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