At the start of this month we did a hike from Waterfall to Heathcote. This was our first training hike with full gear. We packed our packs the night before with all the items we are planning on taking to Nepal. I think I ended up with about 20kg of gear.

Took the express train in the morning to Waterfall and then started the hike from there. We had tried to do a similar hike before but did it the other way (Heathcote to Waterfall) and took the wrong turn off. This time we followed the guide book and did the proper route. The guide book’s information might be a little dated too as some of the information was misleading.

Also I got to test out the Suunto hiking watch and the solar charger too. We didn’t test the solar charger that much as the hike was partly covered from direct sunlight due to the vegetation.

It was a good hike and below is a map of the route we took and a short video of the trip.

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