Don’t let the silly season ruin all your hard work and efforts over the last year!

Dietitian Anita Graham has come up with some tips to keep the kilos at bay…


Alcohol Fast Facts!!

  • The festive season is associated with the highest amount of alcohol intake in Australia
  • Each standard drink is the equivalent to eating 1 x apple or 1 x muesli bar or 1 x fun size mars bar in calories!
  • 5 standard drinks are worth the equivalent of 2 main meals worth of calories!!
  • Alcohol is not fattening, but is a rich source of calories which can lead to fat and weight gain
  • 1 standard drink takes 30mins of jogging to burn off.

Hints over the Festive Season

  • Always have a breakfast- this will keep you feeling satisfied for longer and limit your cravings for unhealthier options later in the day.
  • Attending lots of social events? Tempted by the nibblies? Tend to over do it on the finger food and realise at the end of the night you’ve well and truly eaten a days worth of calories and still feel hungry? Try having a light meal before to stop you from over eating and help with all the temptations.
  • Lots of chocolate, candy canes and high fat snacks around your work environment? These calories add up in the day and can really start tipping the scales. If you do indulge count them as a snack and don’t eat your usual snack in addition to the festive goodies.
  • Make salad your friend!! Fill your plate up on salads they are low in calories, packed with nutrients and keep you feeling full for longer.

 Get Moving…

  • Don’t be a couch potato!- Get out and enjoy the Summer weather while you have the time off
  • Get out and play with the kids at a park, beach or backyard
  • Go for walks with your visitors and guests- it doesn’t have to sweat defying effort- just MOVE MORE!
  • Staying ACTIVE keeps the Kilos away!

Neat’s wishes all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe & happy 2012!!

Anita Graham (Dietitian)

Anita Graham is a Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist.
Helping you to create healthy choices.

She is the Dietitian for VO2 Vitality and her office is based out of Bodi Dynamics – Princes Hwy, Bulli, across from the Heritage.
Ph: 0417 281 892

Her qualifications include:
Bachelor Science (Exercise Science and Nutrition)
Master Science (Exercise Rehabilitation and Nutrition & Dietetics) with Distinction

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