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Chodat Fitness is a Wollongong based Personal Training, Group outdoor fitness and Sprint training business that caters for a wide variety of clients with a wide variety of needs. We specialise in weight loss, strength and fitness improvement, sports specific training, speed and power training, core and flexibility training and an overall improvement in general health and well being.

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Mobile: 0407 297 895


Chodat Fitness have a diverse array of trainers which allow for a wide range of specialisation areas. These specialisations include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increasing cardiovascular fitness
  • Increasing speed and agility
  • Body fat reduction
  • Sprint training (for both sprinting and all ball sports)
  • Increasing muscle mass and size
  • Flexibility and Core Strengthening
  • Sports specific programming
  • Rehabilitation and injury prevention


Chodat Fitness has three Primary locations that it holds licences to consuct personal and sprint training from:

IC Health (Innovation Campus): This world class facility is located on Squires Way North Wollongong, and offers and vast array of gym and cardio equipment. Where a lot of Chodat Fitness’ Personal training sessions occur.[googleMap name=”IC Health” width=”550″ height=”400″]Innovation Campus, North Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia[/googleMap]
City Beach Wollongong: located on Endeavour Drive Wollongong, this premier location for outdoor training is where Chodat Fitness’ outdoor classes operate from. All classes start and finish here (due to WCC licence restrictions) but many classes will venture to other regions to keep clients motivated and challenged.[googleMap name=”City Beach Wollongong” width=”550″ height=”400″]Endeavour Drive Wollongong NSW 2500[/googleMap]
Beaton Park Leisure Centre (Synthetic Track): Located on Foleys Rd Gwyneville, this is the location of Chodat Fitness’ important Sprint coaching component. Clients of all ages, fitness levels and sports come here to be trained in groups or individually to improve their speed, power,, technique and athletic efficiency to make them faster for their chosen sport.[googleMap name=”Beaton Park Leisure Centre” width=”550″ height=”400″]Foleys Rd Gwyneville, NSW[/googleMap]


The Chodat Fitness team is a unique blend of trainers that have expertise in wide and varying areas that always aim to deliver the highest level of quality and service possible.

Lukas Chodat

Lukas Chodat has 11 years experience in the fitness industry and 9 years as a personal trainer. He is certified and registered with the FIA, has completed Certificate 4 in Fitness, Level 2 Sprints Coaching Certificate and a degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Wollongong. He has recently spent 3 months in London and Berlin working in certain fitness centres to broaden the knowledge base for Chodat Fitness.


Brian Banco

Brian Banco has three years experience in the fitness industry along with a lifetime passion for health and fitness. This is demonstrated through his commitment and dedication to helping all clients achieve their goals in an enjoyable and safe environment.Throughout the years he has trained and competed at various levels in Soccer, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Motocross and Cycling.Brian continually strives to develop his knowledge and skills and he has done this by achieving a Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science), Certificate IV in Fitness, and is currently obtaining his Strength and Conditioning qualification. He thoroughly enjoys working with Chodat Fitness team as they continually look at new and innovative ways to assist clients in achieving their health, wellbeing and fitness goals.


Troy Nicoll

Troy Nicoll has a Certificate IV in Fitness from the Fitness Institute of Australia (FIA), and has two years experience in the Fitness Industry. He has trained, and completed an internship under Jock Campbell (Former Head Trainer of the Australian Test and One Day Cricket side), and is also a Level 1 cricket coach. Troy has represented the Illawarra Academy of Sport in both cricket and golf, and was a member of the Emerging Blues NSW cricket squad. He specialises in nutrition and weight loss, and sport specific training with experience from amateur to professional athletes.



The following are testimonials from clients who have achieved their health and fitness related goal/s, or well on the way to achieving it.

Susie Caroutas

I have been training with Chodat Fitness for almost three years and it truly has been the BEST decision I ever made. When I first started I thought I was reasonably fit but nowhere near what I am today. I hate missing a session. I train at least twice a week and I have lost many centimetres of fat off my body, have greatly increased my fitness and, as a mum of four, feel I have more energy than ever. The Chodat Fitness Staff are AWESOME. They are full of positive energy, are extremely knowledgeable in providing both dietary and exercise designed especially for you, and they truly care about you achieving your goals.

Cem Ozer

Chodat fitness has assisted me, with my health and fitness goals on so many levels. They have also continued to think of new workouts and techniques to help achieve my sports specific goals when training. The training environment is so enjoyable, and is always full of positive feedback. Training with Chodat Fitness has increased my knowledge about the muscles you are training, the types of exercises necessary to achieve your personal goals and the food you must eat to attain your goals and stay healthy. Aswell as this, the staff are so friendly and always ready to help.

Troy Taylor

When I first joined Chodat Fitness I was a little nervous as I had let myself go over the years and was doubting I could ever achieve the fitness level I am at now. After a few months of hard work and great motivation from not only the trainers but the whole “ team “ I was feeling extremely positive , was gaining fitness , dropping the KGs and I have never looked back. The group classes are great as there are people of all fitness levels to push you to your limits and each session is completely different from the last , there is no way I would be as fit and as positive on life as I am now without the Chodat team , trainers and support and motivation from other team members.

Jane Hurry
For anyone who is committed to fitness preparation for their chosen sport I would like to personally commend Chodat Fitness.My own area of passion is field and indoor hockey. Having played Masters field hockey at a state level for the last five years, my base fitness and tournament preparation pivots around Lukas’ group outdoor sessions.His personal encouragement, support and knowledge of training techniques and injury management are brilliant. On a lighter side, we just have a tonne of fun and come away from each session feeling exhausted but fantastic.

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