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The human body is primarily composed of water and keeping yourself hydrated through out the day is one of the most important and basic things you need to remember to stay healthy and fit. There are a lot of reasons why one needs to maintain a well hydrated body. Most of the bodily functions require liquid to work properly.

Keeping hydrated in certain conditions

There are certain times and situations in our lives where we need to hydrate ourselves more than we have grown accustomed to. These situations are common during hot summers or when we are doing lots of activities and we tend to sweat a lot. We need to be able to replace the liquid that evaporates from our bodies during these hot climate. If we are not able to replenish the water in our body we tend to feel week and this would often cause dizziness. If this continues, we can even lose consciousness. This is not healthy for the body since this is an indication that certain parts of your body are no longer functioning well and can lead to a lot of complications.

If you are doing activities for 90 minutes or less it would be advisable to drink water from time to time. Water in this situation will be able to keep you hydrated and maintain the right bodily functions you need for the activity. Be sure that you do not consume massive amounts of water before and after exercise. The reason for such is that your digestive system does not function as effectively as it normally does during exercise and large amounts of water can cause you to vomit and feel nauseated.

Too Much and Too Little is Both Bad

There are certain situations where water is not enough to keep you hydrated. If you are engaged in extreme activities or activities that last more than 90 minutes, it may be necessary for you do drink other forms of liquid to keep hydrated. This is usually the case in sports and exercise related activities. Your body tends to lose not just water but also electrolytes. Energy sports drink is recommended since these drinks help replenish the lost fluids and electrolytes in your body. Drinking just water in these special situations can do more harm than good.

Usually, endurance athletes risk experiencing hyponatremia or over hydration. This condition comes about when the water in the body is too much and the sodium levels in the body drops to a critical level. That is why it is necessary for people engaged in these activities to drink sports drinks with salt and sodium so that dehydration and hyponatremia can be prevented.

Keeping your self hydrated is one of the best gifts you can give your body. It helps keep your skin looking good and drying up. It is still recommended to drink about 8 ounces of water everyday to maintain the body liquid to normal. This is of course under normal conditions but during extreme heat and activities other hydration liquids will be necessary to help your body stay fit.

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