We’ve done the coastal walk a couple of time before. (here, here and here)

This time we decided to try something different and start from the Big Marley Fire Trail. Something different and hoping it will help us avoid the crowds you normally get at wedding cake rock.

We started early, leaving the car park at around 6:30am. The sun has just risen and the air was still fresh. It would get a lot hotter throughout the day, so the early start was a good idea. It’s around 3.3km from the car park to the coast track and along the way you get to see spectacular views of Cronulla and Kurnell.

The hike along the coast track is spectacular as always. We had some clouds at the start of the hike which kept the temperature pleasant. When the clouds cleared, we had picture perfect blue skies to join along with the hot sun.

Where the fire trail joins the coast track is where you begin your descent down towards Big Marley Beach. It took as about two hours from the start of the hike to get to Wattamolla. We had one rest break in between where we had breakfast and took in the amazing views of the cliffs and oceans.

Maps and Elevation Change

Elevation Change from Big Marley Carpark to Wattomolla return

Photos Taken Along the Track

Sign at car park
View of Cronulla and Kurnell from Marley Head Fire Trail

Where Marley Head Fire Track (on the right) joins the coast track. Photo taken along coast track

Wattamolla Beach

Edwin Kwan


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