When is it time for  a new heart rate monitor?

I have a Polar F11 which I absolutely love. It’s my first (and so far only) heart rate monitor watch which I had since 2007.
The watch’s just great. I use it for all my runs as I like to use my heart rate as an indicator to how hard my body is working.
I also like the size of it and the dual time zone functionality, which together with the watch’s water resistant rating, makes it a great travel watch.

However I’ve sent the watch back to get the battery replaced around 2 times now and this morning the battery on the watch went dead again and once again in need of replacement. I think it is around AUD$30 for a battery replacement (with shipping and battery replacement of the transmitter as extras), so I think I will have spent around $150 in battery replacement for a watch which is around the same price.

I wonder when does it come a time (if there is one) where it’s time to replace the heart rate monitor watch with some thing newer (and with more functionality)?


Edwin Kwan


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