In this article, Dietitian Anita Graham puts the spotlight on Aussie Bodies and their protein supplements. Below are her recommendations.

Aussie Bodies are a renowned company in the Nutrition circuit for the production of high quality, nutritionally sound products. Aussie Bodies products, particularly their protein shakes and bars are not only suitable for the elite athlete, but also the avid athlete who is lacking dietary protein in their diet or requiring additional protein due to high workload demands, to the average ‘Joe-Blow’ who wishes to improve their diet and is also well used in the hospital setting for particular patients.
Below is a brief description of some of their supplements. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

Aussie Bodies ‘Body Bulk’

‘Body Bulk’ is a supplement designed for those wanting to gain size. It is not only rich in protein, but rich in calories. Gains in muscle size can only be seen if there are more calories going in then there are being burnt! Be warned, if you do not want to put on weight, this is NOT the protein supplement for you.


  • A whopping 944kJ/serve to assist with bulking (without milk)
  • 26g protein per serve (without milk)
  • Formulation of Advance Whey Protein, with NO soy derivatives increasing the amount of Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Flavours- Choc or vanilla

Use within 30mins post workout to assist with muscle repair, replete glycogen stores and provide your starved muscles with fuel to assist with muscle growth. Studies show that the 30mins after a workout is the OPTIMAL WINDOW to fuel muscles, any longer, its too late. Mix it with MILK!- Studies show the carbs in milk specifically increase the absorption of protein!

Aussie Bodies ‘Perfect Protein’

‘Perfect Protein’ is a product more designed for the female market or those watching their calories or weight. This is personally my favourite product on the market at the moment. I find it beneficial for assisting with muscle repair and recovery without the additional calories of ‘Body Bulk’, but I also find it helpful to increase my protein levels in my diet without having to have a daily 200g steak!


  • A modest and conservative 637kJ/serve
  • A whopping 28.9g protein per serve
  • Formulation of Advance Whey Protein, with NO soy or milk derivatives
  • Gluten Free for those who have sensitivities to gluten or are coeliac
  • Flavours- choc and vanilla

Like ‘Body Bulk’ 30mins after a workout is the key time to fuel your muscles and assist with muscle recovery. My recipe- 1 serve of ‘Perfect Protein,’ 2/3C skim milk, 1/3C oats, 1 frozen banana or 1C frozen berries and 1TB honey- blend together and enjoy as a breakfast if you are watching your weight, or have as your post work-out snack.


If you are just starting to introduce Protein supplements in your diet, it may increase the amount of gas/bloating produced initially. This is a pretty common occurrence, but after a while your bowel should settle. If it is causing too much distress and is continuing after weeks of use, you need to find another supplement that suits you.

Protein supplements aren’t for everyone, so feel free to discuss with your doctor or nutritionist or me if you run into me at training before commencing.


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