We’ve done the coastal walk a couple of times(here and here) and in both directions. The scenery has always been breathtaking and this trip was no different. There was not a cloud in the sky and the weather was just nice. This trip was quite different from past trips. We’re taking a much slower pace this time and we are heading to Marley beach for a swim. Joining us on this trip are first time coastal walkers Juzzy and Rich.

Start of coastal walk in Bundeena

It was a pleasant hour walk to get to Marley beach and once we were there we were greeted with a lovely 360m beach with only 2 other groups of people to share it with. The water was pristine and refreshing.

Chilling on Marley Beach

We spent about an hour on the beach before leisurely making our way back to Bundeena.

Group Photo

When we got back, we rewarded ourselves with some wine and cider at one of the local cafes in Bundeena.

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